Meradog Breeders Club - Western Cape

Thank you for your interest in the MERADOG Breeders Club - Western Cape.

Please note this Breeders Club is for dog enthusiasts that are officially registered as a breeder with one of the major South African breed organisations (i.e. KUSA, GSDF, SACBR). Your details will be verified with the breed organisation in question. 

Step 1) Sign up with MERA: Please fill in all of the required fields below and submit the information. Thereafter you will be directed to Step 2)
* indicates required
Please make sure you entered it correctly
i.e. German Shepherd
i.e. KUSA, GSDF, SACBR + 12/34/5678
i.e. 3 Males & 4 Females
i.e. Breeding, Showing, Working, Agility, etc.
The above person (full name) certifies that the information supplied on this form is true and correct. Misuse of the Meradog Breeders Club constitues fraud.
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